10 Tips On How To Market Your Cloud Kitchen Online

As the way to get in touch with your customers is online, online marketing is a must. Be present on different social media platforms such as instagram, facebook … Create traction around your brand. Marketing your brand will make your success.

1. Social Media Presence

Instagram can create visual content to tease customers into trying out your food. Your pictures or videos can create a stronger connection between your brand and your customers when giving them a look behind the scenes. Providing visuals about the life of your kitchen chef, what other customers experience and how you prepare the food can peak interest from potential customers. This could strengthen the relationship between your customer and you.

Facebook can tease customers as well by making them aware of certain promotions or special offers. Make sure that your posts engages people into taking action when seeing content. Make it possible for them to order your food with one click or to download the promotion code.

Twitter is another social media platform. This medium is more to talk to your customers or to bring a message to what point of vue you have. If you are a vegan restaurant for example, you could post about social engagement you do to decrease pollution such as supporting a charity, using reusable products etc.

2. Customer Retention

Once you have teased a customer into buying a dish once, you want them to stay loyal. To keep customers coming back, you can offer them loyalty rewards. You can offer a discount for the next time they order or propose a special offer for when they buy a meal for a friend.

You aspire to build a strong relationship with your customer. This is also called the customer relationship management. Once the customer has ordered their first meal, they have left information such as email or phone number. Through these channels you can mail your customers to let them know you have a new menu, a holiday offer or anything else to keep them interested.

3. Online Referrals 

Try to create as many positive referrals as possible on different platforms. This allows your business to be found more quickly on the internet. Google reviews, Facebook reviews, Instagram referrals… . They all get your company brand out there.

4. Online Advertising

Online advertising is a good way to build traffic to your website at the startup of your company. Getting advertisement on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Google… can make customers notice your brand and click through your website.

5. Managing Reviews 

Reviews are the way to go ahead. It is important to keep your customers happy and reviews can give you immediate feedback. If they were unhappy about the warmth of the food you might rethink the packaging of your food. If they thought the salad had too much dressing, you could put the dressing in a different part so they can choose how much they put on the salad.

Potential customers will rely on what others say about your kitchen so try to keep them happy at all times! When a customer is unhappy, you should respond as quickly as possible and try to explain the mistake or how come things went wrong. 

6. Newsletter

Once you obtained the email from customers, you can email them on a weekly/monthly basis to update them about new offers of meals on your menu. This can remind them to order again or engage them to get that special Christmas offer for example.

7. Website

Your website will bring interested customers a more broad picture of your kitchen. The website should contain a lot of mouth-watering visuals to convince them to order your food.

Include buttons such as ‘order now’ or ‘get special offer’ to make customers take action.

Investing in a good website is crucial, visuals, loading time, mobile device friendliness are all aspects you should consider. We recommend you to hire a professional to setup and maintain your website as this is your selling window so it should be impeccable.

8. Food Ordering App

Either you build your own food ordering app or you are available on the other applications such as Deliveroo, UberEats, takeaway.com… . Ordering through apps is how your customers will mostly order as the mobile device is taking over desktop. Especially for food ordering, application is the most used medium.

9. Menu Management

Keep your menu attractive with pictures and well-thought names.

Apart from the visual of your menu, aligning them on your website and other platforms is important. When using multiple third party delivery platforms, Deliverect can help you manage menus from all different platforms from one place.

10. Analyse The Traffic You Generate

Analyse the customers you attract. Are they from a certain area? do they have a specific demographic? Once you know who your customers are, you can target them with the right information through the right communication channel. This will help you retain customers and engage new customers better.

Getting your brand out there is very important. You can have the best food, if nobody knows about it, it won’t sell. Make sure to take all of these aspects into account when setting up your dark kitchen.

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