What is a dark kitchen?

A dark kitchen is also called Ghost kitchen, Delivery-only kitchen, virtual kitchen or Cloud kitchen.

This type of restaurant sells meals only through one or multiple delivery systems. There is no option to go dining in a physical restaurant to consume the food that this type of restaurant prepares. Instead these meals can only be consumed at home or somewhere else after they are delivered at the place of your choice.

Dark kitchens rely on online food delivery platforms for their sales. The strength of this kitchen service lies on the food quality and the delivery system as these are the two most important criteria the restaurant will be evaluated on.

There are many benefits in setting up a dark kitchen opposed to a conventional kitchen. For example, the setup costs are lower than when opening a physical restaurant. There is no need to pay high rental costs due to location, furniture, floor staff etc. . 

Market growth foresees the food delivery market will have grown by at least 20% by 2022. We are at the dawn of a new restaurant era.

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