Lucy Chang finds peace with Deliverect

Located in Belgium, Lucy Chang serves dishes from the Southeast Asian cuisine. Customers travel through countries like Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and China when ordering from their menu. Lucy Chang’s story began about 16 years ago in Antwerp and during the years they have opened up 4 more restaurants and a takeaway kitchen. 

Delivery is key for Lucy Chang

For Lucy Chang, delivery has been really important since the last three years. “It’s more than 25% of our revenue, explains Lucy Chang general manager Johan Tisson. For us there has been a change of market. “We’ve shifted our focus more to the delivery market,” he continues.

Back to the core on the floor

Since Deliverect, Lucy Chang has been able to focus 100% back on the restaurant and their guests. What has changed? “Before, we had a full-time employee on the floor accepting online orders and rekeying these in our system. Especially in the evening, we lost the manager or the host only managing online orders,” Johan clarifies. “Now the flow is really simple; after accepting the order there’s a ticket that goes out to the kitchen and there’s also a ticket that stays in the system.” Now employees can focus back on serving great food and bringing memorable experiences to the customers.

“The key benefit for us is peace in the front house
and in the back office”

Back office peace

Also in the back office, Lucy Chang found peace again. Since orders are processed through the system, the back office perfectly knows from which platform the orders came in. Together with the menu builder, these changes help organizing operations for the back office. “The menu builder has been a life changer for the back office. Now all online menus are connected over multiple locations and multiple channels. With one push we can update the menu ourselves for our six locations, this makes everything easier, that’s for sure.”

“The menu builder has been a life changer for the back office.”
Johan Tisson, General Manager at Lucy Chang


To summarize: “The key benefit for us is peace in front of the house and in the back office. We can go back to the core of our business and that is serving the customer!” 

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