Food Delivery Calculator: See How Much You Can Save With Deliverect

We help you crunch the numbers with our calculator! Our tool provides an insight on how much your business would save at least by using Deliverect. This means that we don’t take into account the things that we can’t put into numbers; The amount of stress you’ll reduce & the time you’ll save. Let’s have a look on how our deliverect savings tool works before using our calculator (at the bottom of this blog).

1. What Do We Take Into Account?


The calculator tool takes into account how much money you are spending to manage your online orders. Once you know how much money you spend right now, without Deliverect, you’ll know how much you’ll be saving once you get on board with us.

First of all we ask you to fill in the monthly amount of orders you handle (over all locations and platforms) and multiply this by the amount of time you would be spending per order. Thereafter we multiply this order handling time with the hourly cost of your employee. (This means that we assume you don’t assign an employee to manage online orders.) Once your order management cost is calculated, we add the cost that order mistakes can bring with them.

The aspects above are all the things that cost you money right now. Once acquiring Deliverect, you’ll be able to save this money.


Of course, using Deliverect means you’ll have to spend some money (otherwise we wouldn’t be able to provide this product with its awesome tools and features).

We charge a flat fee, exactly, we don’t ask a percentage per order. If you would have additional platforms or locations, we add the extra cost of this as well.

2. What don’t we take into account?

The amount of time you’ll save. Deliverect not only saves time managing orders but much more. You’ll save time managing online menus as our product provides a menu builder.

You’ll save time gathering information from all your delivery platforms to get an overall report of sales and stock. Let’s not forget the amount of stress we’ll spare you! We change stress into success. As we can’t put everything into numbers, our tool provides a basic idea of how much money you’ll save with Deliverect.

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