Deliverect wins 2 Innovation Awards at Horecava 2019

Digital, Apps & Social media: Winner

Innovation Award: Overall Winner

“This smart tool, linked to your own POS system, makes an end to the the “wall of tablets, printers and screens” Entree Magazine

The Horecava Innovation award Jury chose Deliverect as the overall winner because the innovative platform really solves a problem that restaurants face: countless tablets, printers, screens,… for the different delivery platform like Deliveroo,, Uber Eats etc. And this while the delivery market is here to stay and even growing rapidly.
By integrating the different delivery platforms in the restaurant’s POS, Deliverect seriously improves 
efficiency and therefore lowers costs. Today, restaurants still have to manually re-enter orders from delivery services in their POS, which is not only a time-consuming activity but also a mistake-prone one.

"With just a small investment, Deliverect, increases efficiency and lowers the business costs thanks to smart software and useful connections"


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