Food Delivery: Why It’s a Must-Have for Your Restaurant

The food industry is growing yearly, moreover online food delivery numbers are not only growing, they are exploding. The online food delivery and takeout sector will grow by at least 20% CAGR. Apart from these figures, let’s explore why else your restaurant should embrace food delivery.

1. Maximize ROI

When adding online food delivery to your restaurant service, you create a complete new line of sales. Next to sales in your physical restaurant, you also sell food online. Adding online delivery will generate income that will increase the total revenue of your business. Consequently you will maximize return on investments.

As you invested in a good customer relationship, you are able to provide them food when they can’t visit the restaurant. Hence your investments on establishing a strong customer relationship are strengthened with online delivery.

2. Online Presence

Getting your business on delivery platforms enhances your online visibility. Customers will be able to get familiar with your brand through online platforms next to your physical restaurant or website.

Being available on multiple channels is a very important step in your restaurant’s growth path. You will be able to reach out to more customers because of your online visibility. The combination of both offline and online visibility will create more overall brand awareness. People who already know your brand will order your food online as they recognise you on these platforms. Vice-versa, your presence on online delivery platforms can convince people to visit your physical restaurant.

Make sure to provide vibrant pictures of your location on your website, social media and channel profiles. Including personalised notes and redeemable vouchers with deliveries can persuade customers to visit your physical restaurant.

3. Reach More Customers 

Online delivery makes it possible to reach those customers who don’t live nearby or don’t have the time to pass by. Providing them with your meals through online delivery expands your pool of potential customers. This way you reach customers who know your brand already with the food they desire when time or place are restricting them.

In addition, those customers who haven’t heard of your restaurant before are suddenly able to order from you through the internet. Consequently your expand your pool of potential customers.

4. Expand New Territory

Expanding your operations is very easy when having online food delivery. Testing new meals and menus is simple as you can easily manage your menu online. When you want to add a new dish, it is done in seconds only. 

As a restaurant you can even set up a whole new brand. Starting a new brand apart from your existing brand has great benefits. This enables you to provide food in another branch.  Your pizzeria restaurant could prepare taco’s for example. You wouldn’t sell these taco’s in your restaurant but online, for a different brand name. 

Applying this strategy gives you the possibility to explore new territories and see if your customers are also eager to try out other meals .

5. Automate Compliance 

Online ordering automates the flow of orders in your restaurant. Your staff will be able to manage the restaurant better as they don’t waste time picking up the phone or checking the website for online orders.  Delivery and takeaway services simplify your restaurant’s ordering and record-keeping processes and streamline the manual work of your staff – especially helpful on busy nights.

Embracing online food delivery into your restaurant operations has many benefits. Growing visibility, increasing brand awareness, testing out menus, expanding operations… . Eventually this will lead to revenue growth and making your business more successful! 

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