What is Deliverect and why do I need it ?

What is the problem ?

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Deliverect solves your operational nightmare at the moment to run delivery / online ordering business (too many screens)

  • Want to support multiple online ordering platforms, but can’t ?
  • Do you want consolidated reporting and control over all your channels ?
  • Do you want orders to get pushed to the kitchen automatically ?
  • Do you need to manual re-entering things ?
  • Is your stock out of sync due to items not in the POS ?
  • Are you fiscally in trouble because you are not giving your customer a fiscal ticket ?

Do you recognize these issues you are having ? Deliverect is here to solve all those issues and more

How does Deliverect fix this ?


We will connect to different online ordering services for you, using different communication protocols. After we get your order, we send it to your POS.

Don't worry too much about all the tech talk, just understand that we got you covered :).

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  • Features 3

    Manage your channels from home

    Deliverect provides aggregated reporting of all your online ordering channels. Understand your online sales data and manage your channels

  • Features 2

    Multi-location and global support

    Deliverect supports different tax models, fiscal POS and multi-store. Be fiscally compliant without extra work of rekeying your orders, we'll do that for you

  • Features 1

    Automated connectivity of your Online Ordering to POS

    We connect to your favorite online ordering platform and your favorite POS, creating a seamless workflow for you. No more rekeying of orders, no more monkey business

Our customers are our biggest ambassadors

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