Bavet opens new channel for spaghetti fans – with Deliverect’s aid

Headquartered in Belgium, Bavet brings its customers “the world’s second-best spaghetti, since your grandmother makes the best”. The restaurant chain has a bold ambition – to create a community of spaghetti fans, with zero risk of sauce-stained shirts. But while in-house dining is Bavet’s priority, spaghetti-lovers at home must be served too! Enter delivery and takeaway – and Deliverect.

How Deliverect helps Bavet delight its customers

  • Streamlined customer ticketing without manual retyping
  • Simple, error-free VAT compliance
  • Greater focus on upselling instead of typing over

Building on a unique dining experience

2016 marked the rise of a pasta legend in the form of Bavet’s first location in Ghent, Belgium. Since then, the spaghetti-maker hasn’t dropped the meatball. “We currently operate seven restaurants, with three more opening within the next month,” explains Bavet chief operating officer Eva Urlings. The vibe of each interior is completely different and constantly evolving. We want customers to have a different lunch and dining experience in every one of our locations. The delivery and takeaway market growth has affected our operations. “We have a large delivery base that accounts for a significant portion of our revenue,” Eva continues. “It’s a lot and definitely part of our strategy to expand our business via new channels, while continuing to deliver a fantastic experience to our in-house customers.”

“Expanding our business into new channels like takeaway and delivery is a smart choice, as long as we continue to deliver fantastic service, quality food and great in-house experiences.”

Eva Urlings, COO of Bavet

Order processing and compliance, simplified

Bavet has worked with delivery and takeaway channels Deliveroo, Uber Eats and almost since it opened its first restaurant. However, each channel offers different levels of services – and each one has its own system, format and order processing tool. “From an operational perspective, using several channels introduced some chaos into the kitchen,” Eva asserts. “Multiple ticket layouts, multiple tablets on the workspace, manual retyping of tickets to ensure accurate VAT reporting – these are just a few challenges that we’ve encountered.” Bavet turned to Deliverect to streamline incoming orders and make ticketing and compliance less manually-driven. “The fact that Deliverect integrates directly with delivery partner platforms is a big efficiency advantage, not just from the perspective of order handling, but also when it comes to customer ticketing and VAT compliance.”

More time to establish customer rapport

After kicking off its partnership with Deliverect in October 2018, Eva has already seen important benefits. “Order prep time is reduced, since staff no longer have to type tickets over again,” she explains. “As you can imagine, each delivery channel has its own ticket template. Deliverect offers us a centralized view of each order, a single ticket format and completely automatic order processing.”

“We have more time and energy to connect with our customers,” she concludes. “That’s what we want to spend the most time on – creating memorable eating experiences..”
Eva Urlings, COO of Bavet

But in addition to the obvious efficiency boost, what is the main advantage, in Eva’s eyes? “We have more time and energy to connect with our customers,” she concludes. “That’s what we want to spend the most time on – creating memorable eating experiences.”

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