Ready to take your online delivery to the next level?

Flexible pricing to grow with your business




Up to 350 orders per month



Everything you need to manage your online delivery channels.


Up to 750 orders per month




Everything you need to manage your online delivery channels.


Up to 1250 orders per month



Everything you need to manage your online delivery channels.



>1250 orders per month/
>10 locations/
Multiple brands/
Dark kitchen 



How much do you save with Deliverect?

Lots! You don’t waste time rekeying, paying someone to manage online deliveries plus adding platforms won’t increase operations. Discover HERE how much money you will minimally save with Deliverect.

What is deliverect exactly?

We are not a delivery platform nor a POS system. DELIVERy connECT is what we do. Which means we connect your delivery platforms with the POS you’re using. But there’s more… .

We provide great analytics reports, stock management, an online menu builder and we are continually adding new awesome features. Online orders are directly sent to your POS which means that there’s no more need in managing multiple tablets.

So in short, we are the delivery management tool of your dreams!


Which delivery platforms do we support?

At the moment we support Delivery Hero, Deliveroo, Foodora, Foodpanda, Glovo,, UberEats with JustEat, Postmates and Seamless coming soon and still adding… !

We are open-minded and welcome other delivery platforms to join us! If you’re working with another delivery service, setting up an API might be possible. Or if you are a delivery service wanting to join, please contact us.  

Which POS systems do we support?

We currently support Lightspeed and Gastrofix and we’re working on adding a lot more. Other POS systems can definitely join us as well!

Do you have another POS system? Let us know and we’ll help you out.

How does the Deliverect product work?

All online deliveries are directly pushed to the POS system that you’re using. This means that you’ll only have to look at your POS when operating your restaurant. No more managing multiple tablets or having a full-time employee rekeying orders.

Changing your online delivery menus is easy! Make changes in your Deliverect account and this changes all your online menus.

We don’t scrape information or use other old-fashioned information gathering techniques. Deliverect works in partnership with other parties through APIs.

What will change for you?

You’ll have more time to focus on the important (and fun!) stuff. More time to spend with your customers and more time to deliver excellent service. No time waste on rekeying orders and managing the multiple tablets. Deliverect will make your life easier!

What kind of customers buy Deliverect?

We have a broad range of customers.

We work with big food chains such as Yoobi, Lucy Chang, IloveSla but also smaller restaurants. We also work with Dark kitchens where Keatz is one of our main clients. These clients rely on delivery platforms to sell dishes and Deliverect is the perfect tool to manage all these online orders coming from multiple platforms.

Apart from that, we have corporate food companies going from retail to FMCG. They use Deliverect to be able to expand their market and test new ways to meet the needs of the modern customer.

How do I start using Deliverect?

Request a free demo call with us and get in touch with one of our employees to answer all your questions!

Afterwards we have an awesome team to guide you through the setup of your Deliverect account.

In which countries is Deliverect available?

Worldwide. Our goal is to deliver a burger to Mars 🍔 🚀!

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