Why Start a Dark Kitchen?

Starting your own restaurant requires a structured idea and a solid business plan. When you’re not sure if your restaurant would hit or miss, starting a dark kitchen could help you get started while taking lower risks then when starting a physical restaurant. It is also expected that the food delivery market will increase yearly by at least 20%. 


First of all you save money by not having to manage a physical kitchen. You don’t have to pay high rent for the location of your restaurant. The location of your restaurant doesn’t need to be in the heart of the city to attract customers. You can locate your kitchen somewhere where rental costs are lower. The lack of a dining area means that there is no need to buy tables, chairs and other furniture.

Another plus of not having a physical restaurant is that you don’t need floor staff. You don’t need to manage a team of waiters and you don’t have to pay a staff. Cutting out staff salaries is a big one.

The time to realise your idea is shorter. Launching the restaurant could even go within weeks instead of months as all previous aspects don’t need to be searched for or invested in.

As mentioned above, cutting out on these investments lower the operational costs of your restaurant massively thus increasing profit margins. This makes the risk of starting your own restaurant smaller than when establishing a convenient restaurant.

Apart from investment, also managing and monitoring your kitchen is easier as everything goes online. Data is gathered in every step of the food ordering process as well. The customer chooses their meal by entering their personal information. Later the customer can rate the meal and give feedback on how he experienced your food. With all this data online, you can easily monitor what meals are more successful and you are able to experiment more as you get immediate feedback from customer.

“It is also expected that the food delivery market will increase yearly by at least 20%.”


One of the challenges when starting a dark kitchen is the fact that it has an online only visibility. Building a strong brand can be difficult as the rise of dark kitchens is becoming bigger. The trend of starting your own dark kitchen is getting more popular due to its many benefits. This means however, that competition is getting stronger. Investments should thus also go to online presence by using social media and online publicity.

Building a strong customer relationship is harder as there is less customer interaction. The interaction between you and the customer is digital only so bringing emotion is more difficult and  the relationship between both parties is very short. Hence it is harder to build a customer relationship and keep customers loyal.


Overall starting a dark kitchen is the new way of starting your own restaurant due to its many benefits and the rise of the online food ordering trend. Many online delivery systems such as UberEats, Deliveroo and Pandoora can confirm that people order food more frequently online and this trend is still continuing.

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